"To the Love of My Life"

About Our Vineyard

Mark Vian (The winemaker), Pamie Sue (winemakers attitude adjuster).
We met when she was 14 and I was 15 .  
High school sweethearts and sweethearts still today.
She thinks "She's" the lucky one.  I know better.

Married for over 35 years, we are still best friends.  We have 3 wonderful and successful children and are blessed with 7 grandchildren.  All of them help in the vineyard and winery with loving care during the year.

It all began in our "Living Room" in 30 gallon containers, and a very tolerant wife!

We had many learning experiences, some good, some not so good.  We have learned that the secret to making beautiful wine is in the grapes.  Our foothill climate seems to be exceptionally suited for wine grapes.  With each passing year our harvest becomes richer, fuller, deeper and more vibrant.

We also have the love and support of our parents Don and Anne and Max and Jan.  They are here with us every step of the way.  Our father Max has helped plant, water, mow, and care for the vineyard, while our mother Jan has washed bottles and helped bottle the wine.  Our parents Don and Anne have powered our motivation that propelled the birth and opportunity of our success.  Without these incredible people, we would not have succeeded.

 We are truly blessed.

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